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Pricing and options

Yurts have lots of interest options beyond the standard model

explore some of them below.

From here to there

The Journey from a tree through the hands of craftsman to a comfortable cosy dwelling space.

Our standard pricing for the yurts

Sizes and options

Yurts can be built from around 2.5 meters up to 10 meters or more diameter. The most common sizes are between 5 to 8 meters diameter these offer practical and comfortable space while still being mobile. We will of course build to your size and specifications. But deciding how you use your yurt is important, is it going to be static, do you want to move around with it, how much space do you really need and of course how much do you want to spend?

The next options are doors and windows of course there is a large variety of options and prices here. Windows can be simple clear PVC panels sewn into the canvas walls they can work really well and are inexpensive another option are full sized  casement windows that can be opened. They are much heavier not so practical for yurts that are moved but can be a beautiful addition for a fixed yurt. Doors can be softwood, hardwood, painted, carved and decorated.

Standard package Includes:

  • Hardwood Yurt Frame
  • Crown, walls and roof ribs
  • Door
  • Canvas cover
  • Ties, pegs and bag
  • Canvas cap
  • Everything you need to start your adventure.

Additional options:

Here are a few of the additional options that might be considered.

  • Woodburner.  (There are many options)
  • Floorcovering.
  • Casment windows.
  • Canvas porch.
  • Sun cover and felt insulation .
  • Decking. (This has to be built on site)

Example prices


A basic 16ft or 5m diameter yurt would cost £4750 or €5500


A basic 6m or 20ft diameter yurt would cost £6500 or €7500


Get in touch to discuss other details or for more pricing info

Spring delivery

For spring deliver we are very busy but we have been working hard and will have an extra 3 yurts available for delivery let me know if you are interested.

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